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Data Analytics with SAS

We live in a world that is totally driven by the data. Data Science is the need of the day. Small enterprises to big companies like Amazon, Flipkart and Microsoft all deal with a huge amount of data. Therefore, data science and data analytics are so much in demand.The demand for the data scientists is higher than the supply of data scientists. Therefore, at Bright Computer Education, we provide SAS training in Vadodara.

SAS training in Vadodara is a software and is known as Statistical Analysis System. SAS was initially developed at North Carolina State University from 1966 to 1976. It was then the SAS institute was incorporated. Furthermore, it was developed in 1980s and 1990s and added new statistical procedures, additional components and introduction of JMP.

SAS taining in Vadodara software can do multiple functions particularly including mining, altering, managing and retrieving data from a variety of sources. It can also perform statistical analysis on it. Furthermore, it provides a graphical point-and-click user interface for non-technical users.

The syllabus particularly includes:

1. Overview of analytics
2. Introduction of SAS.
3. Combining and modifying datasets
5. SAS Macros
6. Statistics basics
7. Statistical procedures
8. Data exploration
9. Advanced statistics
10. Working with time series data
11. Designing of optimisation models

There are no prerequisites for this course. Therefore, anyone is eligible to apply for this course. At BRIGHT, we teach right from scratch up to the advanced level. Furthermore, we have excellent infrastructure and lab facilities to assist better learning.

At Bright Computer Education, we provide quality training with moderate fees. Furthermore, our trainers are certified experts with their hands on real time projects. We also assist in placement and interviews. For this purpose, we particularly have a team of HR experts to help you. Furthermore, there is also time flexibility at our Institute. We provide classes on weekdays and also on weekends along with fast track training classes.


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