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Job Oriented Training in Vadodara

In today’s world hiring criteria has changed. Companies and authorities require something more apart from book academics, candidates should have their own USP i.e. something extra. This extra element tempts compsnies/authorities to hire you. For this, you need to have experience. Here comes our role, Bright Computer Education offers Job oriented training in Vadodara.

We train candidates for different job functions based on various requirements of industries. Our Job oriented training in Vadodara is designed for double graduates, graduates, under graduates, as well as working professionals.

We provide variety of job related training such as:

  1. Executive Management,

     2. Tally along with GST,

     3. Web & Graphic Designing,

     4. Diploma in Website Development i.e. ASP.Net, PHP, Java

     5. Computer as well as Mobile Applications.

The training program enables you to face the challenges of corporate world and to accomplish your expected goals. Students are trained from the real time experience of professionals that will boost their career prospects and find placement in both IT and non-IT segments.

We have a record breaking job placement history in the Baroda city. Furthermore, we guarantee superlative coaching & education, our teaching pattern is totally based on case studies and experiences. We believe knowledge is gained from books whereas skills are developed from case studies & practical knowledge only.

Moreover, along with education our institute will arrange for live project training, internship, boarding facilities for out of station students, and provide 100% job placement guarantee as well. 

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What exactly are job oriented courses?

Job oriented courses are courses specifically designed to help candidates develop key skills needed to apply for jobs.

What is the duration of job oriented courses in vadodara?

The job oriented courses are usually very short mostly from 3-6 months.

What are the prerequisites to join job oriented course class in vadodara?

Students after 12th can join the courses. Having an interest and passion towards learning is a must.

Do they teach basic interview skills in job oriented course institute?

Yes, along with teaching concepts of the course, they also teach basic skills needed to clear an interview. Skills like speaking skills, making a resume and so on is taught.

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