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Capacity to store and process colossal measures of any sort of information, rapidly. With information volumes and assortments always expanding, particularly from web based life and the Internet of Things (IoT), that is a key thought.

Registering power. Hadoop’s circulated figuring model procedures enormous information quick. The additionally registering hubs you utilize, the all the more handling power you have.

Adaptation to internal failure. Information and application handling are secured against equipment disappointment. In the event that a hub goes down, occupations are naturally diverted to different hubs to ensure the circulated registering does not fall flat. Various duplicates of all information are put away naturally.

Adaptability. Not at all like conventional social databases, you don’t need to preprocess information before putting away it. You can store as much data as you require and pick how to use it later. That consolidates unstructured data like substance, pictures and chronicles.

Ease. The open-source structure is free and uses item equipment to store vast amounts of information.

Versatility. You can without much of a stretch develop your framework to deal with more information just by including hubs. Little organization is required.

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